• How to Choose the Best Taxi App for Your Company

A fleet of new apps specifically designed for taxicabs is heading into the on demand ride marketplace.

A fleet of new apps specifically designed for taxicabs is heading into the on demand ride marketplace. They have some of the most clever app names in the industry: Curb, Flywheel, Gett Taxi, Dashride, Karhoo. But just having creative marketing does not make these hot new taxi apps worthy of your business. It took a little time, but the app world is catching up to Uber, Lyft, and Fasten and providing taxi companies, their drivers and customers with a myriad of options for e-hailing a cab.

Figuring out which taxi app(s) are right for you and your drivers can be a complicated and time-consuming process, so the public transportation experts at Draco Insurance are here to help. We’ve taken an in depth look at several of the latest software applications, so you can left or right swipe them quickly! With the information below you should be able to determine the platform(s) best for your business and employees.

Taxi Apps Are Driving Hard To Win Your Mobile Services Trust

First, we want to provide you with some standards that we feel any ride request software platform should offer you. When you are reviewing any software provider, make sure you can check off most, if not all, of these boxes:

(1) For Passengers: The taxi app you select should enable customers to:

  • easily download it
  • create an account
  • use credit card in app for payment (however, Draco suggests for passengers’ safety, never store cc information)
  • have an easy booking process (the fewer finger taps needed the better)
    be able to track drivers in real time in a map
  • access ride alerts
  • choose automatic payment processing after trip is complete
  • receive an email receipt
  • rate their driver
  • use promo codes or offers
  • provide booking options for a ride now or in the future

The best passenger apps will also allow customers to:

  • review vehicle types before booking
  • see taxi type on the way
  • obtain fare details such as base fare, price per mile and price per minute for each type

The easier your app is to use, the more loyal your riders will be.

(2) For Drivers: The app you choose should, at minimum, give your cab drivers the ability to:

  • create their own accounts
  • receive booking alerts in real time
  • approve or decline jobs in app
  • manage booking flow with one tap of a button
  • use navigation in app for driving directions
  • add a toll or surcharge
  • accept credit card or cash at end of trip

It’s a plus if drivers can easily maneuver between off duty and on duty screens, and are able to see all booking histories in app.

(3) For Your Business: Work with an taxi app that gives you the option of a customizable website; one you can put your own branding on. In addition, the website should allow you to manage bookings by adding, editing, canceling and viewing all bookings. There should be a Dispatch view as well where all drivers can be seen in map in real time as well as an auto dispatch system that sends the passenger call out to the best available driver automatically. The site should also provide an option for jobs to be sent directly to a driver, a module for managing the whole fleet – drivers and vehicles – and a promo code module for marketing purposes. On your website, you should be able to set up flat rate or vehicle pricing based on distance and time, charge passenger credit cards, direct deposit into drivers bank accounts, and send messages to drivers or passengers. Finally, there should be a detailed reporting system from which you can review booking calendar by day, week, and month, see booking status and history of cancelled bookings. It’s a bonus if the app company you choose also has a customized web booker that you can integrate into your web site.

Beyond these three specifics outlined here, we encourage you to look at how easy the taxi app is to use, how it will help your drivers do their job better, and how it makes ride request turnkey for your customers. In addition, the app you go with should not only work on current iOS and Android systems, but be forward thinking and ready for future technology upgrades. Above all else, make sure the app makes provisions for the safety and security of passenger and driver information.

With more than 25 years of experience insuring taxicabs Draco Insurance is well aware that the industry is in the middle of a seismic shift. New questions and challenges arise everyday related to safety, network inefficiencies, and road congestion, just to name a few. However, no challenge is greater right now then the competition you face with Transportation Network Companies. So what should you do? We say get in the game! Find an on-demand ride app that will work for your business.

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