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Many people have asked us, why we named our company Draco Insurance? There’s actually a very interesting meaning that we hope gives insight as to the type of company we are. Our founder is a black belt in Uechi Ryu and Kenpo, both forms of karate. Through his years of training he developed a passion for dragons. “Draco” is the Latin word for dragon and “Draco the Dragon” is actually a constellation of stars found in the northern sky.

There are several wonderful Greek mythological stories about this dragon. However, the one we most identify with is the story that depicts Draco with 100 heads and as the guardian of the golden apple tree in the garden of Hera. As the story goes, Draco the Dragon was put in the sky as a constellation for showing extreme valor in protecting the apples.

Now how did we get from a Dragon in the midnight sky to Draco Insurance? It’s quite simple actually; we, the Draco team, think of ourselves as your guardians in the transportation industry, protecting your business and your livelihood from everyday hazards.

We know yours is a 24/7 world, and that you always have vehicles on the road that are susceptible to a variety of business disruptions. It takes hard work and dedication to keep your business running smoothly, and you deserve the same from you insurance partner. That’s why we are adding a monthly blog as a resource you can turn to for important industry information and creative solutions to some of your more difficult problems.

With more than 25 years of experience insuring public transportation vehicles, Draco is well aware that the public transportation sector is in the middle of a seismic shift. New questions and challenges arise everyday related to safety, network inefficiencies, and road congestion and quality, just to name a few of today’s hot topics. All of these challenges need to be addressed in a marketplace where technology is taking over, new TNCs enter daily, and autonomous vehicles for public and private transit are on the frontier.

All of these changes are dramatic ones for a once relatively stable transportation industry. From small owner operators to large fleet operations, it’s increasingly difficult for managers to keep up with all of these shifts and trends, plus decide how to react to them. However, it’s business critical that you do.

Enter Draco, your insurance partner, and our new blog. It is our company’s mission to guard our clients’ businesses and their livelihood, and so we are launching this informative platform where you will be able to find monthly updates on the industry’s most timely topics and how, or if, you should act on them.

Each month, the Draco team will share our knowledge with you here along with industry news, safety tips and useful information that will benefit you by helping you run your business more efficiently. Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this ongoing discussion.*

*Please do not post any private information in this public forum.

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